I started my Wedding and Portrait Photography business in August of 2012. I have been shooting since 2009, but decided to finally take myself seriously as a photographer and launch a full service, boutique style photography studio when I was pregnant with my sixth baby. I was ready to buckle down and get my big girl pants on and learn not only how to enhance my creative and technical skills, but to hone in on the world of business.

I introduced Glamour portraiture in January of 2013 after discovering the amazing talents of Sue Bryce, and the incredible wealth of knowledge that is pouring out weekly from creativeLIVE, the cutting edge of creative education. Each week I absorb the best information that is graciously given by the top professionals in the industry, and am growing exponentially. 

I am constantly growing and evolving my business to be able to find the perfect clients for the kind of business I am proud to own and create; and to offer those clients the best service possible. Starting a creative business is not a full time job, it's a lifestyle that I juggle with my six children, husband, home, and a big bear of a dog. Every day brings it's challenges and rewards, and I am so grateful to be able to have the opportunity to create a profitable business that supports my family exactly the way I've always dreamed of. 

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